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Driving Lessons

Take your Driving Lessons with us

All our Instructors are fully qualified, friendly, patient and courteous. Don’t worry if you’re a nervous driver! We’ll take you through the process at a pace that suits you. If you are a quick learner then we increase the pace you learn, however if you need more time then we adjust our driving lesson plans accordingly.

Take a look below to see some more information about the types of driving lessons we offer; please get in touch if you have any questions.


Types of Lesson

Standard driving lessons

We offer one, one and a half or two hour driving lessons to suit you. The amount of lessons you have per week is entirely up to you, from one lesson a week to several – we are flexible to suit your needs.

On your first lesson, which is normally 2 hours, you will learn the controls of the car and how to use them in an area as local to you as possible. We always get you driving on your first lesson rather than sit at the side of the road for hours, because at the end of the day, practice makes perfect!

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Intensive Driving lessons

Eager to take your test as quickly as possible? We offer intensive driving courses, without cutting corners (no pun intended!)

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Pass Plus

Once you’ve passed your driving test, taking a Pass Plus course is a great idea. It will build your confidence on Motorways and will also cut down on your insurance premiums!

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Useful Info

Getting Started

A list of the essential things you need before starting lessons. Don’t forget your provisional licence!


Useful links and files to support your lessons and prepare you for your test.

The Test

Made it to the big day? Here is a list of things you need to remember to bring with you.